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Doap is a map of California cannabis businesses that deliver organic awesome pot. Browse the map here!

Doapest Dispensary Award Winners!
The Doapest cannabis delivery services!The Doap!Distinguished Organizations And Providers!Delivery Of Accessories & Presents

The Doapest Cannabis Delivery Services!

Cannabis Delivery Services in California

There are hundreds of really doap agencies all over California! Use the the map to see which agencies are close by. Enable your location or enter a zip code and see what pops up.

The Doap!
Cannabis Blog


A cannabis blog discussing the latest products and strains that are making the rounds at local agencies across California. Doap will often publish stories about extraordinary products or services available at a particular agency.

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Does Doordash deliver weed?

“Can we get our green delivered with Doordash!” Exploring the Legality of Doordash Delivering Weed: A Look at the Laws and Regulations Surrounding Cannabis Delivery Services The smell of freshly-baked brownies wafts through the air, and the sound of laughter and conversation fills the room. It’s a typical day at the local Doordash office, but […]

weed delivery

Excellent weed delivery options in the East Bay

At, we’re proud to work with some of the top delivery companies in California. One of our go-to partners is San Ramon Doap. They offer a wide variety of products and their drivers are always friendly and professional. Recently, they helped a customer dealing with chronic pain by delivering a special order of flowers. […]

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Strain recommendation engine

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Ode to the Fernando and Steve

Fernando and Steve, they keep it tightThey’re rolling strong with the chronic tonight. These two potheads, they always come throughwith the tree that’s sticky. They bring it to you. Fernando and Steve, they do it right.They’ve got the chronic that’ll get you so high tonight.They always come through when the time is rightFernando and Steve, […]


A new years cannabis delivery poem

My cannabis delivery driver, His service like no other, He is always on time, And he’s oh so kind. His cannabis remedy, Helps me feel so free, It’s a pleasure to see, My cannabis delivery driver to me. Are you looking for a great cannabis flower? Look no further! Our flower is grown with care […]

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Document editors for Doap Office are online!

Document Editors for Doap Office are accessible. The document editors are online and accessible via the files archive. Collabora Office is working again with the lastest patches to Doap Office applied. Let us know here how the new apps are working for you and please report any bugginess in the comments section below. Try the […]

The Doapest Agencies!
The Doapest Cannabis Agencies!
  • Each week nominates a California cannabis delivery service to be distinguished with a ‘Doapest Agency’ award!
  • The selected agency is featured in the ‘Doapest Agency’ blog with an in-depth article. In the article, they let the readers know what is unique and interesting about the particular agency.
  • A doapest agency award winner can be proud that they have been recognized for going above and beyond in some aspect or another of the cannabis delivery service industry in their quest to deliver organic awesome pot.
  • They are the doapest of the Doap!
Medithrive group

Medithrive – San Francisco

Doapest Agency Winner : November 29, 2022

They are a delivery service that never forgot their roots! Medithrive helps people with life-threatening diseases such as AIDs and cancer. Our thanks and gratitude goes out to Denis Peron who ended the “War on Pot” and gave us the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, otherwise known as Proposition 215. Prop 215 gave the people […]

The Vapor Room

The Vapor Room – San Francisco

Doapest Agency Winner : November 27, 2022

The Vapor Room is this weeks winner of “The Doapest Agency!” award. Lets give em a round of virtual applause! Great work!

Herb LA

HERB – Los Angeles

Doapest Agency Winner : July 27, 2022

Doap editors have chosen HERB as this weeks winner of “The Doapest Agency!” award. Lets give em a round of virtual applause! Great work. HERB delivers all over the greater LA area. Click the link below to see a full listing of cities they service. Their online presence is especially impressive. Be sure to check […]

Coastal California

Coastal California – Santa Barbara

Doapest Agency Winner : February 18, 2022

Doapest Agency Winner! Founded in 2018 in Santa Barbara, Coastal embodies the California spirit of freedom. We are equally passionate about California and cannabis and pride ourselves in our high quality, locally-sourced product selection. Whether you are new to cannabis or a seasoned connoisseur, our personable staff specializing in customer education is excited to serve […]


Golden State Greens – San Diego

Doapest Agency Winner : February 18, 2022

VOTED DOAPEST AGENCY #doapestagency Our Point Loma shop is located at3452 Hancock StreetSan Diego, CA 92110 Phone: (619) 268-8035Hours: Monday – Sunday, 7AM – 9PMDelivery Hours: 7AM – 7:30PM, available 7 days a week!Delivery times may vary based on traffic and order volume.Se habla Español. Since 1991, California has been on the cutting edge of the […]

Delta 9 THC

Delta9 THC – Wilmington

Doapest Agency Winner : February 7, 2022

At Delta 9 we take pride in providing you with a growing selection of the highest quality cannabis products available at any LA cannabis shop. Choose from premium California flower, vape, edible, concentrate, tinctures and more

Blunts & Moore

Blunts & Moore – Oakland

Doapest Agency Winner : January 30, 2022

VOTED DOAPEST AGENCY! Blunts and Moore is our pick for Week 5 2022 #doapestagency award! B&M was founded in 2018 and is based in Oakland, CA. Their business is proudly driven by the vibrant, hard-working local community and they always strive to make cannabis accessible to all of our consumers in a safe and comfortable […]


Strain Cares – Chatsworth

Doapest Agency Winner : January 2, 2022

Strain Cares of Chatsworth is our pick of the week for Doapest Agency. A compassionate Chatsworth Dispensary. The Strain Team Cares Community, safety, and maintaining high-quality products are our core values we hold dearly and we’re proud to embrace cannabis and its journey on the path of normalization in our culture. In Store | Pick […]

Barbary Coast SF

Barbary Coast – San Francisco

Doapest Agency Winner : November 30, 2021

Look no further than Barbary Coast Dispensary. Barbary Coast is San Francisco’s premiere marijuana dispensary. Barbary Coast Dispensary offers locals and travelers an opportunity to not only purchase high quality cannabis & cannabis related products, but also an experience. All of their staff is trained to provide you with a great experience when purchasing recreational […]


SDRC – San Diego

Doapest Agency Winner : November 15, 2021

DOAP is happy to announce that this weeks winner of the coveted “Doapest Cannabis Delivery Service Award” is Loud Inc. aka San Diego Recreational Cannabis or SDRC for short. They are a relatively new recreational and medical marijuana dispensary in Mission Valley out of San Diego and early reports are extremely positive! They opened our […]

Mail Order Gift Shop

Doap doesn’t sell cannabis. We leave that to the long list of doap agencies scattered across California. We do have a set of gifts and accessories that are related to cannabis and are availabe for mail-order! Buy any of these items online and have them shipped via standard mail to your home.

California cannabis delivery FAQ

Q: What is Doap?

A: Doap (Directory Of Agencies & Providers) is a listing of the best cannabis delivery services that are delivering organic awesome pot all over California.

Q: Is registration required?

A: No registration is required but you will be required to prove you are 21 or older by showing the budtender a valid ID at time of delivery.

Q: What payment options are available?

A: Enjoy flexible payment methods including COD, credit, crypto, Zelle or Cashapp.

Q: How long does it take to receive a delivery?

A: Listed services are verified to be quick and communicative. They can usually be there in under an hour. Once you place your order, your agency will send the eta.

Q: What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

A: If you need something special that you’re not finding on at your favorite agency, call the hotline 833-BUY-DOAP and get help finding what you need! Doap is a referral service with the mission of helping people find the best weed for the best price quickly and easily. does not sell items containing THC. Orders are referred to the closest agency that has the items you are looking for. Items from the Doap accessories shop are available via mail order and usually take 1-3 days to arrive.

Common Questions

Q: Is there a Doap Agency near me?

A: There are hundreds of really doap agencies all over California! Use the the map to see which agencies are close by. Enable your location or enter a zip code and see what pops up. Mouse over any agency icon or title to see more info like store hours, phone number, email, address, license info and other service related agency details.

Q: How does weed delivery work when I order from an agency listed on Doap?

A: It depends a bit on how you initially decide to order. The best option is to contact your favorite agency directly via the listed phone number or visit their website. Place the order directly with them. If you require help locating an agency, call the hotline at (833-BUY-DOAP).

Q: How are agencies selected for inclusion in Doap?

A: Doap is essentially a curated list of California cannabis delivery services. Doap takes publicly available data provided by the California Cannabis Control Board and turns it into a web based, database driven, user-friendly dynamic map. If you are not seeing your favorite agency on our map please use the contact form to let us know about the omission and we’ll get them listed right away. We want the directory to be as accurate as possible and the crowd sourced assistance is greatly encouraged and appreciated!

Q: Why only California?

A: We are working hard on identifying the best agencies to include across the US. Doap will be expanding coverage to include several other states in the coming weeks.

Alamo Doap Alamo CA 94598 37.8502 -122.0322 (925) 553-4710
Danville Doap Alamo CA 94507 37.850836 -122.035163 (925) 553-4710
Burlingame Doap Burlingame CA 94010 37.58897 -122.3633 (650) 293-0880
Campbell Doap Campbell CA 95008 37.287067 -121.940883 (408) 645-6700
Castro Valley Doap Castro Valley CA 94541 37.694695 -122.086519 (925) 553-4710
Concord Doap Concord CA 94520 37.968925 -122.051071 925-464-2075
Dublin Doap Dublin CA 94568 37.702266 -121.933734 (925) 556-3595
Hillsborough Doap Hillsborough CA 94010 37.546692 -122.373476 (650) 437-1450
Lafayette Doap Lafayette CA 94549 37.895152 -122.104758 (925) 891-7800
Livermore Doap Livermore CA 94550 37.69336 -121.77983 (925) 718-6181
Orinda Doap Orinda CA 94563 37.878613 -122.182172 (925) 891-7800
Pittsburg Doap Pittsburg CA 94565 38.01777 -121.888974 (925) 825-8555
Pleasant Hill Doap Pleasant Hill CA 94523 37.94852 -122.05973 (925) 891-7800
San Ramon Doap San Ramon CA 94583 37.75904 -121.96721 (925) 365-6030
Walnut Creek Doap Walnut Creek CA 94596 37.88032 -122.04602 925-464-2075