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The Cookie Monster Experience

Cookie Monster is a real joy to smoke! This powerful Indica-dominant strain has THC levels range from 17-24%, and it has a sticky and dense resinous appearance. This strain also contains several buds that have purple and dark green colors with striking orange colored pistils that will charm your eyes.

Cookie Monster has a pleasant aroma that is slightly lemony, very sweet, with hints of woody and minty odors. The smoke, Oh my God!… it is such a unique experience- ethereal, light, and wispy; very pleasant overall. The taste is a mixture of woody, vanilla, lemon, menthol, sweet and minty flavors. As an aftertaste, there’s also subtle lavender-floral something that you’ll love.

The more hits you take, the more you will be able to capture new aromas and flavors. Plus, Cookie Monster will warm your whole body feeling after taking the first hit. This delicious cross between OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies will also melt away all your aches, stresses, anxieties, and chronic pains thanks to its soothing effects. Certainly, the quality of pain relief is unbelievable. If you want to be part of the Cookie Monster experience click here or call us at (925) 464-2075.