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Spring Break ’91 Dually Rasta Bug Baja Trip

Dave and Joe go to Mexico for spring break 91

Thanks so much Nicki for sending this pic! …Back in 91 Nicki and her family came across my dear friend Joe and I stuck in the desert with a flat tire. Nicki and company offered some tools and helped us get going again. They snapped this pic that I had no idea existed till today.

This pic was after a good week of partyin’ in the desert with Cliff and crew and some really really rough camping. There was fruity liquor in ceramic bowls, sombreros, clam bars, school busses doing sand dune hillclimb competitions. We stayed at this campground that was pretty much a fenced lot of sand and the most rustic of ‘bars’.

It was our annual spring break pilgrimage to San Felipe Mexico and we’d invested all our spare cash in this POS VW that we had ‘upgraded’ for the trip. We had blowtorched the roof and fenders off and added a couple of extra wheels to the back making it the only dually bug i’ve ever seen even to this day. We gave it what we considered to be an awesome spraycan Rasta paint job!

Everyone was astonished that it lasted all the way from Danville and back. Especially after all of the abuse we put it through. The 4 back tires really helped but we’d done nothing to improve the suspension so the motor slapped the sand at every bump. In the end, it held up and I think the only issue was the flat tire.

When we got back to Santa Barbara I sold the thing for a couple hundred bucks to Tony who was the first of many I believe to rack up a DUI in the thing. Eventually I heard it got impounded but was running till the last day.

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