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US House passes cannabis decriminalization legislation

Alaska attorney general calls on Congress to pass marijuana-friendly  banking legislation | The Midnight Sun
The MORE Act passes in the US House of Representatives

So yeah that happened! And part of the bill includes retroactively expunging criminal records of those convicted of cannabis prohibition violations. It remains to be seen if the bill will make it to the Senate for a vote. It was a bipartisan 228-164 vote to approve the measure, and it was the first time either chamber of Congress ever endorsed the legalization of weed. So much damage has been done to people who simply ran a cannabis dispensary near me and ended up with legal issues that followed them for the rest of their lives. These laws, relics of a drug war of decades ago disproportionately affect minorities and its way past time we change these not so dope laws. There’s no better place to start than making it doap for people to use their browsers to find marajuana dispensaries nearby without fear of federal prosecution. It would truly be dope if this law made it through the Senate and got signed into law.