New in the area?
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New in the area?

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I just moved to a new area due to a job relocation situation and realized that I needed to find a new weed supply. I used to go to friends and ask for their ‘guys’ phone number but now, with all these clubs around, the ‘guy’ isn’t as accessible as he/she used to be. So I did what we do these days, I headed to google and did a quick search for dispensaries near me.

The list was huge and all seemed to have different offerings, services, and requirements to purchase from them. So much has changed. I’m sure all these shops are great but what can I do to narrow down the list before heading out. Well, here are some tips!


As a quick experiment first google “Dispensaries Near Me” and see what comes up. You’ll notice its full of all kinds of ads and directories but lacking specific info about nearby clubs. Instead,

If you are in California, you will certainly appreciate the Doap Map!

Google “Doapest Dispensary Near Me“, click on the home page then enable your location.

– Jane Budz

Google “Doapest Dispensary Near Me“, click on the home page then enable your location. A map will appear with all the best clubs and services near you! The map shows pins with more information about each club including hours of operation, phone, email and more! Click the title on any pin to open the agency public page which is full of great information, reviews, menus, awards or other industry recognition recieved by the club, and even an aggregate listings of reviews from Google and Yelp. You won’t find a better resource when trying to find that perfect cannabis dispensary near you.

Another great way is to simply call the Doap hotline and ask for a recommendation. Its easy to remember, dial 833-BUY-DOAP (833-289-3627) extension 3.

Check out the “Doapest Agency Listings”, some of the winners deserve a special trip. They excel in the cannabis industry in one way or another and have been deemed wothwhile by our editors. Maybe even plan a tour around the list and let us know how it went here!


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  1. If you are in CA go straight to the map at and enable location or enter your zip. You’ll get a list of highly reliable cannabis clubs all over ca!

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