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Mystery Random Sampler Boxes

Mystery Random Sampler Box
Mystery Random Sampler Boxes
Get double value on average with the Mystery Random Sampler Box

Mystery Random Sampler Boxes are available at agencies near you. Find an agency on the doap map and order direct from your local agency. Call for availability.

The Mystery Random Sampler Boxes are great options for those that love variety and enjoy a good surprise. If you like flower, edibles, vapes and other cannabis concentrates, the mystery box is sure to please!

The Mystery Boxes will net you 50% more product for your money on average. Always changing and value is guaranteed!

Why Mystery Gifting Is A Great Idea!

Gifts are a way to express love to others, so use them on special occasions !!

When you’re in a new relationship, or you want to bring back the romance in an old one, gifting can be tricky.Quirky, fun gifts are an awesome option! A Mystery Box from a Doap Agency is cute, thoughtful and also not too expensive. Everyone loves to receive cool gifts so consider sending a Doap Mystery Box!

HOT TIP: Call your local agency for clues about what will be in them before ordering!

Show (instead of telling) the recipient you’re thinking of them.

When you take a timeout to give someone a gift and write them a note, it shows them you’ve taken time to reflect on your relationship with them. We are closer together when we think about others, even if they are far away from us.

Research is increasingly showing that it’s not about how much money you give that makes you happy, but the act of giving itself.

And that act of giving initiates a cycle of happiness. Who doesn’t want to impart a little happiness in our loved ones daily lives?

How was your mystery bag?

Let us know in the comments section below how you enjoyed your Mystery Random Sampler Boxes! We cant wait to hear from you….

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