Golden State Greens - San Diego
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Golden State Greens – San Diego


Our Point Loma shop is located at3452 Hancock Street
San Diego, CA 92110

Phone: (619) 268-8035
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 7AM – 9PM
Delivery Hours: 7AM – 7:30PM, available 7 days a week!Delivery times may vary based on traffic and order volume.
Se habla Español.

Since 1991, California has been on the cutting edge of the movement to provide safe, convenient access to medical marijuana.

San Francisco was first to pass a medical marijuana rule, but San Diego has never been far behind. In fact, it took only five years for MMJ to be legalized statewide.San Diego offers one of the most robust, respected and well-regulated medical marijuana scenes in California.

Tips for rolling a better joint
Tips for rolling a better joint

In 2015 Golden State Greens opened and became the 2nd dispensary in San Diego county. Of course, there are many other great reasons to visit the local area. Founded back in 1769, San Diego is the eighth-largest city in the United States!On the beautiful Pacific coast, the city offers miles of white sand beaches.

It’s known for world-class zoos, aquariums and, of course, Point Loma itself – including a gorgeous lighthouse. The city’s maritime history and scientific contributions are reflected in its great museums.Thanks to San Diego International Airport, anyone can visit!


Q: Can I still turn in my paper punch card to redeem my old points?

A: We are not accepting anymore paper punch cards, as we launched our new rewards program called “Nug Wallet.”

Q: How do I get a Nug Wallet?A: You will need to register your phone number or email in store, on our website or mobile application. Once registered, you will be given a tacking profile. Employees, vendors and others are not eligible.Q: What goes into my Nug Wallet?A: Coins collected from eligible purchases appear in your Nug Wallet.Q: What are coins?A: Credits used to redeem special offers and discounts.Q: What is a coin worth?A: A coin is worth a percentage of your reward program membership purchase history, which is subject to change.Q: How do I redeem my coins?A: Go to into your account by using your information to access your profile. Go to your Nug Wallet and redeem offers before shopping with us (in store or online). You must join the rewards program to earn coins in your Nug Wallet.Q: What is the max # of coins I can earn?A: 500 per transaction, 5000 coins per wallet.