What's Next In-Store for Cannabis Industry?
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What’s Next In-Store for Cannabis Industry?

The International Market Is Growing Fast

Cannabis markets are growing around the world especially in Europe. Europe’s legal cannabis market predicted to reach high of 3.2 billion euros by 2025.

Alternative Cannabinoid Products are Booming

In 2022 watch for more interested in minor cannabinoids like CBGTHCV, and THC-A

How Cannabis Is Marketed


Its not just ‘getting some bud’ anymore.. There are a variety of products available, ranging from tincture droppers to CBD balms and all kinds of othe great stuff. People are enjoying the variety and experiencing cannabis in new ways because of it.

Massive Technology Advances

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Tech advances will enable banks and other services to collaborate with and comply with the doobie industry on all levels.

New Regulations Are Coming

State Medical Cannabis Laws

Buyers are slowly being pulled away from the illegal market due to tighter regulation. The trend is expected to continue although approaches vary widely state by state.

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  1. yeah it seems like the whole world is getting more and more cannabis friendly 🙂

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