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Tips for finding a quality dispensary in a new area

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So you’ve just moved to a new area and know nobody around you yet.

So many to choose from, how to discern?

When you need a good recommendation for a dispensary head over to and enter your zip code in the agency locator.

Whether you are looking for a walk-in, or a delivery service or something in-between, the doap database is loaded with great options in most major cities across California.

Browse the dispensaries in the list and carefully review the feedback that others have left.

The Doapest Agencies

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At, there is a section dedicated to highlighting the agencies that we’ve deemed to be the best of the best. It’s called The Doapest Agency Award and it is awarded to a new agency each week.


If your agency has served you well and you’d like to nominate them for an award, do it here.

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