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Top 10 “Doapest Agencies” – California

The Doapest Cannabis Agencies!
The Doapest Cannabis Agencies!

The best-rated weed dispensaries are in California. People come from all around the world for it. Here are the doapest shops to add to your itinerary. Get happy! California’s got more than 700 cannabis dispensaries selling the doapest doobie the world’s ever seen. Here’s the wild part… California dispensaries have not yet really blossomed.

Due to the state’s laws that allows local governments to forbid legal cannabis businesses, other government policies, and the massive size of the state, 700 is relatively few actually. California has just about two clubs per 100,000 people. Even so, most tourists and people outside the inland “pot deserts” have a wide selection of quality dispensaries to choose from. Not to mention delivery services.

This list sums up the ones that our reviewers rated the doapest.

How winners are chosen…

To figure out which are actually the best-rated dispensaries in California, the Doap team employes a methodology based on thorough review of dispensary data on Doap, as well as other quality indicators, like reorder rates and deals availability. Our team is dedicated to highlighting a wide variety of the doapest medical and recreational weed businesses in California and beyond.

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