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East Bay Area cannabis delivery businesses are still pretty new…

Those of us who grew up in Danville back in the 80s had it pretty great. We had the Monte Vista Mustangs and a strong rivalry between us and neighboring San Ramon Valley High that still goes on today.

So many kegs of beer a the infamous “Blackhawk Sports Field” after class with tons of great friends from school. Back when Blackhawk only had one sports field!

…and of course the ever present rivalries between the jocks and the stoners, the whole new wave goth thing was near its peak too. Songs like ‘Welcome to the Pleasure Dome” from Frankie Goes To Hollywood were setting the mood along with others like Duran Duran Thompson Twins New Order and a lot more. All in all, it was a nice place to grow up.

Things were simple then but one thing was definitely not simpler… getting weed! It was still 100% illegal back then and it was risky business to say the least. Back then we were the defacto cannabis delivery services, sharing what little we could get our hands on among friends and buying collectively to keep costs down.

Blackhawk Soccer Field – Keg Party Central 1985

We used to have to grow the weed on our back porch or in a closet and hope our parents didn’t find it. Or we had to venture all the way to Berkeley and get it from someone hanging out around Telegraph Ave and back then Bart only went to Walnut Creek.

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The old days

While the cannabis delivery services of today can’t help people who are under 21 these days, we can still marvel at the accessibility of high quality legal weed for adults in the area.

All of these services deliver in under an hour. The ease of access is a wonderful evolution in our laws. The east bay area used to be such a weed desert especially in places like Alamo, Dublin, Livermore, Walnut Creek, and Orinda but not anymore! It’s a sign that our democracy is alive and well!

Hurrah for these spectacular marijuana delivery services that deliver in these areas! Which is your favorite? Let us know below…