Google deplatforming cannabis listings without explanation!
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Google deplatforming cannabis listings without explanation!

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The letter below is being re-shared to show how poorly google treats its cannabis business customers. Legal cannabis businesses are desperate for a way to reach out and connect with their community and all the while Google, Facebook and Twitter continue to sabotage the industry by deplatforming legal cannabis businesses.

One of our favorite cannabis agencies “HERB”, has shared broken their silence and shared their story.

HERB was last weeks winner of “The Doapest Agency!” award!🏆 Check em out here.

Licensed Cannabis Delivery Business Suspended Again

My legal cannabis delivery business, HERB, was suspended from GMB about 5 months ago due to ‘not being eligible to display per Google’s quality guidelines’. We had essentially the same unchanged listing for over 7 years on GMB until this happened. We always treated GMB with respect and didn’t use any black hat tactics when managing our page. Over the past year or so prior to being suspended, we started to become to target of fake reviews and Google users marking our business closed and changing our business hours to make them inaccurate, so I wonder if a competitor reported our business, leading to our suspension.

Since we were suspended, we have applied for and been denied reinstatement at least a half dozen times. I have read every letter of Google’s content guidelines to ensure we are not violating any of their policies. Out of an abundance of caution, I stripped our listing of anything that might potentially have been the cause of these “quality issues”. Still, our reinstatement requests are denied. What gives? It’s impossible to get in touch with a human about these issues and anytime I ask a question in response to Google’s denial emails (which solicit questions), I get a template email response reiterating their decision to deny reinstatement and not attempting to answer my question.

Can any Google product experts out there help me with this issue? The presence of legal and professional cannabis business listings makes Google Maps a better product for consumers and I need help getting Google to see that.


I was recently helped by a Google rep who advised me to start a new profile that abides by all content guidelines. When I did, the new profile was spammed with a few fake reviews and shut down after a couple days of being live. Perhaps this is because of the competitor spam or because I chose ‘cannabis store’ as a business category despite the fact that we don’t have a storefront? There are no other options for cannabis businesses to select, so I’m unsure what to do.

The lesson is clear for any modern cannabis business. Dont put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your online presence. Get listed with as many of the alternative cannabis listing sites that you can, and if at all possible, host your own website on an open source platform that you own and control.

It’s a tricky proposition with lots of technical hurdles but well worth the effort. If you’re interested in getting help with this kind of a project Doap can help., Drop us a note on our contact page and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

Alternatives to Google and Facebook for cannabis marketing.