Dictionary Of All Pot slang
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Dictionary Of All Pot slang

Here at Doap, we have a deep appreciation for the ever-evolving cannabis culture.

After awhile, you start to recognize a certain lingo used by weed smokers, growers, and enthusiasts, alike. They are the same words many of us have used joint after joint and bowl after bowl.

Whether you’re hanging with other 420-friendly pals or just trying to sound less like a complete noob, our dictionary of pot slang is here to help connect you more deeply within the world of weed in the language we all love.

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Words we use to describe or identify pot

Your parents probably smoked grassdoapor ganja. Before them, their parents probably heard about the menace of reefer or the devil’s weed.

Today, people smoke gaszazaand loud. But there are still plenty of other nicknames that we use to describe bud. From fuego to boof, here are some of the most prominent names for weed in pop culture and in cannabis conversation. 




electric lettuce









jazz cabbage



mary jane


sticky icky




carpet weed


mids (plural)







ditch weed

mid (singular)





Slang terms for amounts of pot

Most of the slang terms for amounts of pot apply to illegal sales, and sadly, many of these terms have fallen by the wayside in the legal market.

Walking into a well-lit, pristine dispensary, you’ll likely hear the budtender ask if you want a gram or an eighth of flower; not so much dub sackszips, or ye ol’ King Henry VIII. And long gone are the days of dime bags and lids (which we’re still figuring out). 

  • Dime bag — ½ gram or $10 worth (really, who buys this little of weed these days?)
  • Dub sack or G — 1 gram or $20 worth depending on your city and flower quality
  • Eighth or Henry VIII — 3.5 grams or ⅛ ounce
  • Quarter or QP — 7 grams or ¼ ounce
  • Zip or OZ (“oh-zee”) — 1 ounce or 28 grams
  • Lid — The story of the lid seems to be the amount you could fit on a lid from a specific type of tobacco tin, but the actual amount seems to vary. Many claim it to be an ounce, but most describe it as “four fingers worth” in a time when scales weren’t that common.


Slang terms for the pot we consume and how we consume it

There are tons of terms to be used at the smoke sesh and for different types of smokable cannabis. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Banger — a type of nail for dabbing
  • Batty — a one-hitter
  • Bingers — bong loads
  • Doink — a big joint
  • Dogwalker — a short joint; the short amount of time to smoke is supposed to be the same amount as taking a dog for a walk
  • Pearl — perfectly rolled joint or blunt
  • Persy or snap — personal bowl or bowl for one person
  • Pinner — a skinny joint that is thin like a sewing pin
  • Rip—the action of taking a deep inhale from a bong or vape
  • Roach — the butt of a joint or a blunt (looks like a cockroach)
  • Salad bowl — a bowl with a mix of different strains
  • Spliff — a joint with tobacco

Also, when passing a joint, be sure not to Bogart it, or hold onto it too long. Always remember to puff, puff, pass. Perhaps, another terrible practice in the time of coronavirus? Baptizing your joint or blunt. Baptizing means licking the entire thing to extend its burn time.


Slang terms for life with pot in it

Living life as a pothead opens you up to new experiences, feelings, and people. Here are a few terms to know so that you can continue to navigate the weed world. 

  • Crossfaded — the state of being under the influence of alcohol and weed 
  • Plug — someone you can get weed from that does not work at a dispensary 
  • Re-up — to refill one’s personal weed stash

Slang terms we had never heard of

Narc central

There were lots of slang terms for weed we didn’t even know about. Turns out, The DEA actually has their own list of code words for weed and other drugs, too. Some of these made us laugh out loud, and some seem like terms people use in everyday conversation that has nothing to do with weed.

  • alfalfa
  • bazooka
  • catnip
  • hairy ones
  • mowing the lawn
  • my brother
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Pink Panther
  • shoes

Aside from the DEA, we found a lot of other terms on other sites that none of us at Doap had ever heard of either. Here are some of our favorites from TIME magazine‘s not-so-distant past:

  • ace
  • airplane
  • asparagus
  • baby
  • climb
  • Houdini
  • Nixon
  • thirteen

In these cases you have to wonder: Do people really use these terms or did someone just misinterpret them?

Have they ever smoked weed before…ever?

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