Our Favorite Carts at Walnut Creek Doap
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Our Favorite Carts at Walnut Creek Doap

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Green Crack, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Zkittlez are all really great varieties. Watch for specials at some of the agencies. Walnut Creek just announced a 4 for 3 cart special…
Heres a link for Walnut Creek Doap:
Walnut Creek Doap (walnutcreek.doap.com) delivers organic awesome pot to Walnut Creek and surrounding cities from 9am to 9pm daily 7 days a week! The East Bay Area is loaded with great choices for your deliveries. Here’s a map of all the licensed agencies near you. Click the dots on the map to get website, phone, and email info.
doap.com/map (doap.com/map)