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About The Doap!

The Doap!

The Doap! is a blog about Doap Office. Doap Office is a Nextcloud based platform designed for small businesses especially in the cannabis industry, who are concerned about privacy. Without touching any of the large PaaS application providers like Google and Microsoft, Doap Office gets you a ridiculously robust set of features.

Get your domain with email, accounting and invoicing, wordpress websites, office apps for docs, spreadsheets, and presentations, cloud file storage, webRTC with chat and screen sharing, a cloud based phone number with full US presence SMS and voice services, multi-device GPS phone tracking services with browsable historical location and route archive, CalDev calendar functions, Contact Management, and includes apps for Windows Mac Android and iPhone

We also blog about weed and as well as doap products and specials being offered at local agencies across California. The Doap! also gets hit with a lot of stoney and somewhat random stuff meant simply to entertain.

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Does Doordash deliver weed?

“Can we get our green delivered with Doordash!” Exploring the Legality of Doordash Delivering Weed: A Look at the Laws and Regulations Surrounding Cannabis Delivery Services The smell of freshly-baked brownies wafts through the air, and the sound of laughter and conversation fills the room. It’s a typical day at the local Doordash office, but […]

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Excellent weed delivery options in the East Bay

At Doap.com, we’re proud to work with some of the top delivery companies in California. One of our go-to partners is San Ramon Doap. They offer a wide variety of products and their drivers are always friendly and professional. Recently, they helped a customer dealing with chronic pain by delivering a special order of flowers. […]