Directory Of Agencies & Providers is a Directory Of Agencies & Providers of cannabis across California.

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Enable your location on the homepage and the map will come alive with awesome Doap cannabis delivery services all around you! Each independent agency delivers organic awesome pot from 9am to 9pm daily 7 days a week.

Choose one that looks good to you and you’re off and running. All agencies in our network have been fully vetted so you can have confidence while you shop for your marijuana.

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Find dispensaries near me across California and beyond!/map does not sell any cannabis products. We leave that to our network of independent licensed agencies. If you’d like to support us browse the gifts and accessories shop. All items in the gift shop are available via by mail order.

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Activate your free subscription to “The Doap!”

“The Doap!” is a novel GPS based flash sale alert system that notifies you whenever a Doap Agency budtender is nearby with the products you like most. Receive deep discounts since the delivery distance is so short. Coupon codes are based on categories of items you have previously purchased and are good for 24 hrs but you’ll want to use them fast when the budtender is still close. That way you get your delivery in mere minutes!

Discounts enjoyed by using “The Doap!” flash sale alert system are often as much as 50%!

The Doapest Agencies!


Some agencies really excel and we recognize them here. Watch The Doapest Agency Awards to find agencies who have been recognized for their exceptional products and services. Awards are published in “The Doap!” once each week.

Here are some of the most recent winners…

Doapest Dispensary Award Winners!

If you’d like to list your cannabis delivery agency, please submit your dispensary info here.

Listings are free and available only for the higest quality agencies!