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This section of The Doap Blog attempts to list and sometimes discuss the technologies used for hosting, development and operations at


Understanding CPU Credit Balances

Choosing an instance that meets your CPU requirements can be tricky. Understanding CPU Credit Balances is critical when you are trying to optimize for costs. Also, running out of CPU credits can get your system throttled to 10% capacity. If your workload needs to sustain a high CPU over a long period of time, using […]


Where do media queries fit in?

Everyday we’re trying to make things just a little bit better then they were the day before. It’s never perfect but it gets the job done. Today, we focused a bit more on cleaning up the front end layout via media queries. We had to find standard break points that worked with our theme. If […]

image is built on a multisite installation of WordPress. is built on a multisite installation of WordPress.​​​​​​​It is a free and open-source content management system written in hypertext preprocessor language and paired with a MySQL database with supported HTTPSFeatures include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within WordPress as “Themes”.

Under Siege

A WAF is a beautiful thing

W​​​​​​ow its incredible how well a WAF works! WAF’fin awesome! It needs some tweaking to reduce costs but it pretty much cleared up all our ddos shite.  At least thats what we’re suspecting at this point. Everything crashed for like two days straight. Even now, we’re still not recovered fully from all the crap we […]

doap office document editor

Document editors for Doap Office are online!

Document Editors for Doap Office are accessible. The document editors are online and accessible via the files archive. Collabora Office is working again with the lastest patches to Doap Office applied. Let us know here how the new apps are working for you and please report any bugginess in the comments section below. Try the […]