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Our favorite doap related blogs where people guest post.

Marijuana Mommy

This blog is run by a cannabis fan and is very popular among weed users.

Green Doctor Network

The green doctor network in Canada is a full-service medical marijuana referral service. Submit a guest post to their blog if you are knowledgeable in medical marijuana.

High Times

High Times was the most popular marijuana magazine way back when. Now the digital magazine is almost as popular. Getting a backlink from High Times will put your business on another level.

Dope Magazine

Dope Magazine is a new publication but it has gained popularity quickly. They accept marijuana-related content. Articles need to be at least 350-500 words.

Marijuana Chronic Center

The Marijuana Chronic Center is a site where you can buy medical weed online. They have a blog that lets guests post. It can give you a huge ranking boost in the search engines. They make you send a pretty high-quality article to get it to post.

Green Rush Daily

Green Rush Daily is a content site that is looking for marijuana and doap writers to develop their website. If you want a high powered backlink that will send you to page #1, then submit a guest post.

Craft Sense

Whether its craft beer, craft weed, craft edibles or craft coffee or craft whatever, you can submit a guest post to Craft Sense and get featured on a high traffic site with the right target market.

Weed Weekly

Weed Weekly has reviews, news, entertainment and a bunch of other weed related sections. Write for Weed Weekly and get your content featured on their website, increasing your web traffic and biz.

THC Overdose

One of the best online doobie publications is THC Overdose. The content is about weed culture, growing, and anything related to doap. Submit a weed-related guest post.

Green Dorphin

Green Dorphin is a great site that you can submit a guest post to.

Kush CA

Kush CA is the bay areas premier blog for doap culture. Its a super hip blog that has a fast-growing. To submit your guest post, click the link below and fill out the simple form to submit a guest article.

The Weedstreet Journal

The Weedstreet Journal has content about strains, news, laws, product reviews and more. Submit your guest post below and be a Weedstreet Journal writer.


If you are crazy about doap and can write about topics such as growing, education posts or personal stories then you can be featured on CannaHealth. Just fill out the simple form and someone will be in contact with you.

Why Biotech

The Council of Cannabis Biotchecoly accepts guest post on their blog. They also feature CBD articles, Wholesale CBD and GMO information.

CBD Testers

CBD Testers has everything CBD. If you are in the CBD business and want to get a great backlink to your site and get featured on a high traffic website then submit your guest post below. Be sure to read their guidelines as they are pretty strict with the content they post.

Shaded Co

Shaded Co is an online weed distributor in Canada and they have a large blog that accepts a number of guest posts. Submit your articles below to get some good ranking boosts.


If you are into Marijuana News & Reviews, then you can submit marijuana guest posts to Canabisser. They feature news, dispensary reviews, medical marijuana information, starting marijuana businesses and more.

Colorado Pot Guide

One of the biggest blogs in Colorado is the Colorado Pot Guide. It’s a large dispensary directory, deal site and strains reviews monster. They have a news and culture blog that allows contributors to submit guest posts to their website that gets over 700,000 visitors a month.


Cannabis Twenty Four Seven is another content site based on marijuana. They allow guest post but they must be over 1000 words, completely original (they all should be) and high quality.



Top Grows is an informative site about growing marijuana (doap). They have reviews, Grow Lights, Gardening tools and more. Their blog is accepting doap guest posts and they allow a number of topics.

Marijuana Connections

MJ Connections features Colorado dispensaries, strains and revies. Use the simple form to submit your guest post to Marijuana Connections.

Four Weed

With Four Weed, you can find any medical marijuana doctor in the united states. They also have a news / blog section that has a ton of marijuana aritcles, reviews and guest posting opportunities.

Healthy Cares

Health Cares is all about health care, cannabis, and fitness. They are currently looking for healthcare writers and guest bloggers so this is great chance to get featured in a large healthcare publication. Doap!


If you are in cannabis technology or education, then Euflora would be a great place to submit a doap guest post. They feature articles about cannatech, cannaedu and a number of other topics.

IGarden Plating

I Garden Planting is obviously a website about growing plants but they also feature a section for indoor gardening related guest posts if you are in the hydroponics business or other gardening-related company. They charge for guest post so be prepared to bust out your wallet.

Beaver Bud

The name sounds a little weird, but Beaver Bud is a really big doap community and content site that features strains, activities and a blog. You can submit a guest post below and get featured on Beaver Bud.
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About the Gifts & Accessories Shop

[dmc_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”soft” background=”#87d031″ color=”#000″ size=”10″ radius=”5″ icon=”icon: gift” icon_color=”#2d52f8″ text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #eee” desc=”Gifts & Accessories Shop” title=”Mail Order Gifts and Accessories Shop (no cannabis)” id=”visitStorefront” class=”alignright marvel”][/dmc_button]Find great cannabis related gear in the Doap Gifts & Accessories Shop. does not sell cannabis, only gear, gifts and accessories. For cannabis buds, concentrates, or edibles, please find an independent agency near you on the map below or via GPS. Order directly from your local agency.


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A full 1/4 oz of any Top Shelf bud $90!

A full 1/4 oz of any Top Shelf bud $90!

Mix & Match 8ths!

[dmc_image_carousel source=”taxonomy: product_cat/405″ limit=”30″ crop=”5:4″ columns=”3″ align=”center” captions=”yes” dots=”no” link=”lightbox” autoplay=”3″ speed=”fast”]

Mix and match any of our doap top shelf strains. Any two eighths you like delivered to you home or hotel or wherever for just ninety bucks! No hidden fees like delivery or tax. Its all included!

Doap delivers organic awesome pot, concentrates, edibles and accessories from 9-9 daily 7 days a week.

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Reduced prices on GP 1g carts

All GP 1 gram carts have been reduced in price from $75 to just $60!

They come in a variety of strains including:

Lab Testing: All GP products are quality tested by independent laboratories, allowing customers to rest easy that they are consuming the very best. The company works with testing labs and facilities to test for pesticides, residual solvents, terpenes and potency.  

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Kevy Drops are making waves

When my sister started orering these for herself I figured it was time to give em a try. I mean, I’m an old fashioned pothead and love to smoke a joint or a bowl and typically dont stray too far from my regular regulars. But this intrigued me and I gave it a whirl.

I got home from work and right away cracked open that pretty blue bottle of liquid shazam. I dropped 5 drops under my tongue, grabbed a beer and settled into the couch.

Within 5 min i was absolutely noticing the effects of floating in almost a trance like state. I felt my head melting into the pillow and while I was awake I felt like I could have melted into that pillow forever. I consiously kept my eyes closed and just enjoyed the full body high that came on so strong in waves like baths of butter pouring across your body.

Then I guess I fell asleep! Dang thats good stuff!