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Cannabis delivery services in Ghana, Africa?

Ghana Cannabis Dispensaries?

Cannabis delivery services would seem to be a great microbusinesses in a developing country. I’m curious if/how this happens around the world…

Ghana is the 3rd largest consumer of marijuana globally.

But how do they get their weed? 🙂

I found it very interesting to know our friends on the other side of the world in Ghana are big potheads too!

File photo: Man smoking next to marijuana plant
Smokin doap in the garden.

In fact they rank third behind North Korea and Cambodia respectively. The US is down in 15th place globally btw. (unverified stats btw)

So Ghana… It seems like nobody ever mentions Ghana. Turns out, cannabis is the most popular illegal drug in Ghana.

Cannabis delivery services would seem to be a great microbusinesses in a developing country. 

Ghana is reported as the highest cannabis-using nation in Africa, and third in the world just ahead of the Netherlands!

Cannabis Culture in Ghana

So how they get their weed. Whats it like? What sort of cannabis products and strains do they enjoy.

It would be interesting if folks from Ghana would add a note here about their cannabis experiences in their country.

I read somewhere you could have an 8th on you or an ounce in your home and the police wont mess with you. Is that true?

Some q’s for folks from Ghana

Cannabis Culture in Ghana?
  • Quality?
  • Laws?
  • Access?
  • Social Acceptance?
  • Cost?
  • Strains?
  • Types of products you have access to?
  • Pics of some doap pot?

Maybe attach some doap pics of the weed to your replies below. Thanks for indulging my stony morning wakey bakey burner coffee and dooberz time thoughts. Let us know friends!

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