March and Ash

March & Ash

About Us

March and Ash is a customer-focused licensed cannabis retail outlet with medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries in Southern California. We believe that consumers deserve a comfortable and confident cannabis experience and we prioritize customer education, safety and satisfaction at our dispensaries. Cannabis, for all its curative and positive potential, is too often characterized as part of society’s counterculture. We want to challenge that presumption. Cannabis helps millions of Americans lead happier, healthier, and more productive lives. Teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, mothers, grandfathers, patients, and yes, even man’s best friend, are leading better lives by using cannabis responsibly. We believe that with proper education and respect, cannabis can serve its positive and productive purpose: to improve everyday lives.

Our Principles

As an early mover in the cannabis industry, we strive to be a trusted community partner. We make significant investments in training and caring for our employees, as well as engage community stakeholders in areas ranging from security and regulation to the development of local programs to support a qualified local workforce.

We are experienced and local cannabis dispensary operators committed to these principles:

  • Transparency
  • Local Values
  • Local Investment
  • Safety
  • Quality

Our Mission

  • To educate our customers on the variety of cannabis applications and help them find the product that is right for them.
  • To provide a selection of top-quality cannabis products at varying price levels so as to cater to all shoppers.
  • To create a comfortable space and qualified workforce to ensure our customers have reliable and convenient access to safe, compliant, lab-tested cannabis products.

Design, Development and Operations

Our stores and industry leading web-platform have garnered awards for their aesthetic and functional design. We match our investment and March and Ash brand with the specific community to deliver a high-end facility that incorporates elements of the local environment. Our stores also meet sustainability targets and integrate leading technology. We know cannabis, we know cannabis permitting and licensing and we know real estate development.

Our goal is to improve and revitalize the areas in which we operate. Our operating strategy and procedures are industry leading and constantly adapting to apply lessons learned and react to external changes.

March and Ash
2835 Camino Del Rio S
San Diego, 92108
United States